How overlap events?

We want to present a video stimulus and then have subjects respond via button press During the video.

Is this possible?

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Yes, this is possible. Make sure in the movie’s Event Editor, under the Stimulus tab, Settings, then Presentation Options, you have “Look for participant input while movie is playing” selected.

Question Rephrase

We realize that our question was really whether you can have two simultaneous events, because we want to be able to send a pulse when they press the button while the video is playing.

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This is possible in SuperLab.

  • Create a separate event of type [B]Digital Output[/B], let's call it "feedback"
  • On the movie event, go to the[B] Feedback[/B] tab and the action will state:
- If response is Button 1

- Then “Present event” “feedback” (to present the digital output that sends a pulse)

Thank you!