Hold Key Option

Dear all,

we are trying to program an experiment, in which the sentence is shown for the period of time that the participant holds a certain key. After releasing this key, a blank screen is supposed to appear, letting the participant answer by pushing one of the two answer keys (yes or no). Is there a way to program this ‘hold’ key in SuperLab? If so, how?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I have attached a small sample experiment. If you go to Experiment, then Participant Input you will see the responses defined. Double click on the “for key release” response, you will see that the response consists of “releasing”. After you press “Ok” to exit this window, go to the Options tab within Participant Input. Here “Ignore the key release” has been unchecked.

The last step is setting the correct response for the key release event (your reading event). If you go into the event “reading the sentence” and then the Input tab, the event is set to only move on after a correct response. Then, go to the Correct Response tab and you will see “for key release” set as the correct response.

isabelle_sample.sl4 (4.64 KB)

Thanks a lot, Monica! It works perfectly!