highlight response

For my experiment, a sound stimulus is presented. The participant than needs to click on a ‘correct response’ on a chart, is it possible to have the defined area that they click on to be highlighted?

Create a response area under Experiment, Participant Input, then Mouse or Touch Screen. Here you will create the new response area using the x,y coordinates. Then, create the event that your participant is to click on, making sure it overlaps the response area you created within Participant Input.

I have done this. But I was wondering if it were possible to “show” the participant what they had clicked on. Therefore having the area they click on highlighted or change colour after it has been clicked on. Is this possible?

You can do this by defining the areas as correct and incorrect responses, then using feedback to present the highlighted area. When using feedback, you will only be able to have two highlighted areas since you can only have a correct or incorrect response.