Hiding cursor for select events


I am presenting video clips, followed by a response screen (two events in the same trial). Is it possible to hide the cursor during the video and then have it reappear for the response screen? I’m only recording input during the response, not the video.

Many thanks!

Hi Julia,

Unfortunately no, the cursor cannot be shown or hidden at will.


Hi Julia.
In our laboratory we had the same problem and managed to find a solution. It goes as follows:

(i) In Participant Input, under the mouse/touchscreen options, turn on the option “Look for Input from Mouse or Touch Screnn: Only if an event designates a mouse response as correct”;

(ii) Under the Correct Response options for movie events chose “…the correct response is: None, the participant must not respond”;

(iii) Under the Correct Response options for the response event chose “…the correct response is: Left/Right Mouse Button”

It should work this way, however, SuperLab does not allow for any control over the exact location for mouse cursor appearance, so in the next trial it will appear wherever the subject clicked in the previous trial (unless, of course, if in the meanwhile the subject moved the mouse)… (We solved this question by using an AutoHotKey script that works in the background sending the mouse cursor to the center of the screen 250ms after any click).
If you have any trouble with this solution, please paste it here.

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Didn’t work?


Many thanks for the reply! Worked like a charm. I really appreciate it.