help with running a task on Superlab 4.0

Hi ,
I own a run only version of Superlab 4.0.
I can run many tasks on it just fine, yet whenever I try to run a specific task, I get the following message: "An error occurred attempting to open “C:\Documents and settings:\Administrator\My documents\research\exo-endo\experiment\exo-endo\exo-endo.sl4”
What does this mean , I don’t understand what is the error and the program doesn’t give any details about it.
Could you, please, help?
Thank you,

Hi Doran,

Most likely, the problem is due to a version mismatch, i.e. the run-only version of SuperLab is slightly older than the full version that was used to develop the experiment.

Let me know if my guess is wrong.


Can you still open that file in SuperLab 4.0 Pro?

For anyone curious, here’s the actual problem and solution:

The error message said:

“An error occurred attempting to open ‘<insert your file name here>’. Click ‘Details’ for more information.”
“SuperLab 4 Run-Only Edition cannot edit experiments.”

This would happen when attempting to open an experiment in the Run-Only version of SuperLab.

The problem: SuperLab 4.0.3 fixed a few code value-related bugs that existed in earlier versions of SuperLab 4. Some of these bugs involved an inconsistency in the data that existed inside the experiment itself, so SuperLab 4.0.3 would fix the experiment itself. Unfortunately, this fix requires the ability to edit the experiment, which the Run-Only edition does not have.

The solution: The experiments in question had last been saved in SuperLab 4.0.2, so they were still subject to the experiment inconsistency bug(s). Saving the experiment with SuperLab 4.0.3 Pro fixed the issue. You may have to modify and save the experiment more than once for the issue to go away (I had to save the experiment twice… we’re looking into fixing this minor annoyance).