Help with recording a correct response during the inter-trial interval

Hello -

I’ve created an experiment for 3 year olds and need help figuring something out. A stimuli is presented on the screen for 1500 ms, then there’s an inter-trial interval of 1500 ms, then another stimuli for 1500 ms, then another inter-trial interval of 1500 ms, etc., for 3 minutes. They’re supposed to press the space bar only when a certain stimuli appears, and the way I have it set up now, the computer only counts their response as correct when they press the space bar when that stimuli is still on the screen. I still want this to be considered correct, but I’d also like it to be considered correct if they press the space bar up to 500 ms in to the inter-trial interval, or in other words, 2000 ms after the onset of the stimuli. The stimuli are all presented randomly. Is there a way to do this?


Try replacing your ISI events with blank text events. It would need to look something like this:

Stimuli (1500 ms) --------> blank text event (500 ms)------> blank text event (100 ms)

Only the stimuli and first blank event should be set up to collect correct responses.