Help with randomizing trials

I’m am trying to set up an experiment with trials from 2 different groups. I have 80 total different stimuli pictures. I want 40 to go to one group and 40 to go to the other group. Then, within that, i want to further break down the stimuli so that there are 4 more groups. Then within that, i want each group to be broken down to lookin 1 way or another. Is there an easy way to counter balance what goes where?

This question is probably faster answered over the phone. Please call me at your convenience at 800.233.7871 or 310.548.9595.



I will call soon. I still have a lot of trials to enter. I’m in the central time zone, you?

Hi Joslyn,

I’m in California.


When time permits, would someone mind posting some tips for counterbalancing items.
As a newbie, it would be useful to see what methods people use.