Help with presenting the same trial again?

I’m having a little trouble and hoping someone can help! I’m doing a match-to-sample task with monkeys and have run into a problem where they are always picking an answer on one particular side and ignoring the other side entirely.
To fix this, I’m hoping to put in correction trials so subjects have to repeat the trial until they get the answer correct. That is simple enough. However, it’s complicated by the fact that I also give subjects feedback depending on their score (a bar that increases as they get more right), and while I’d like their score to increase if they get the trial correct on the first try, I don’t want it to increase if they get it wrong and need to repeat a trial.
Is there a way to do that? I’ve come up with several ideas, but none of them seem to work. I’m attaching the experiment as it currently is now, in case it helps make sense of what I’m asking.
Thanks much for any help you can provide! :slight_smile: (1.18 MB)

You can give feedback on correct and incorrect responses, but it won’t work on self-correcting.

Follow up

Thanks, Monika. However, I don’t really think that addressed my question. What I wanted to do was to present the same trial again but without it counting in the score of correct answers. I actually figured out a workaround for this by using macros to direct them to another block (where the same trial is repeated until it’s correct) and then back to the original testing block. It seems to be working (fingers crossed!) :slight_smile: