Help with experiment.


I am having some problems with an experiment that consists in a series of squares in different parts of the screen to which the person has to respond by positioning the cursor on these squares and pressing the left mouse button.

By running such a task, is presented in a sound not scheduled occasions, similar to what occurs when a button is pressed wrong, to which we have not found any connection with how this scheduled the task.

In addition, we found that when presented this sound, in the excel file with the results of the task indicated that event with a “NR”, as if the person had not answered, when if he did.

We hope that can be resolved soon, to continue using this software that is very important for the development of our research projects.

I attach the file for reference.

Thanks in advance for your help.


track_6_tiempos.sl4 (210 KB)

Hi David,

I browsed through all 430+ events and didn’t find a single sound file. I only found two picture files (events named “Izquiera hacia abajo” and “Derecha hacia arriba”) but they had no picture files set. The remaining events of type Text didn’t actually contain text.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not sure how to interpret the experiment in order to understand the problem. Can you perhaps make a smaller version of the experiment (just long enough to duplicate the problem) as well as tell me what I need to click on in order to reproduce your issue?



shorter version

This is a shorter corrected version of the previously sent presentation.

The purpose of this presentation is to register the person’s hability to track a sequence of events; this is why each circle is presented in an adjacent position to the previous circle.

It is expected that the person anticipates the place where the next circle will appear, in order to click inside the circle at the same time it appears on the screen.

Our problem is that even though there is no programmed sound in this presentation, a sound is randomnly presented during the presentation. When this sound appears, responses are not registered, even though the person answers.

Thank you for your time.


Aida Garcia

track_check.sl4 (39.6 KB)

Circulo1.bmp (550 Bytes)

Hi Aida,

When presenting a sound, in the Event Editor’s Stimulus tab, is the option Wait for sound file to finish playing turned on or off? By default, it is turned on. But in your case it should be off. This will allow SuperLab to detect and record the participant’s response while the sound is still playing.


no sound programmed

In this presentation we didn’t program any sounds.
All the events are images or texts, nevertheless a sound is presented in some occasions.

Could you run the presentation and answer the stimulus in order to check this problem?



Hi Aida, I did run the entire experiment and didn’t hear anything. I also browsed all your events to make sure that you don’t have a feedback that might accidentally be playing a sound, and there is nothing there.

Also, you only posted the experiment itself and one picture file (circulo1.bmp). If the experiment needed a sound file, SuperLab would have asked me to locate a missing sound file.