Help with Audio Files

Our lab has been using PsyScope for ages and is now switching to SuperLab. We have many experiments with audio files recorded and segmented using SoundEdit. Can we still use these files in SuperLab?

SoundEdit Files

SuperLab for Mac 4.0 uses QuickTime in order to play sound files. You’ll be able to play SoundEdit files only if QuickTime can play them; your choices are to search the web for a QuickTime plug-in that can do so, or to convert the SoundEdit files to AIFF or WAV while you can (SoundEdit has been discontinued).

FWIW, the original SuperLab for Mac supported SoundEdit back in 1991. That support was added only because Mac OS back then (anyone remember System 6.2.1? :o) did not have a standard sound file format. SoundEdit support was limited to single track, 8-bit files. When Apple introduced System 7 which included a standard sound file format, it didn’t make any sense to keep up support for SoundEdit.