HELP!! Super Lab's Digital Output with Response Pads

I have an urgent question about Super Lab’s Digital Output with RB-530.

In my experiment, I want to use output signal via Response pad RB-530 to control lamps. To do so, I ordered a technical shop for a device which receives signals from RB-530 via RJ-45 line and switches lamps. We have confirmed that the device itself works properly, but, Super Lab (or RB-530) doesn’t output any signal!
Of course I installed the USB Drivers, and RB-530 works properly as an input device. I also clicked the Setup button, and selected the mode For general purpose output.
I have no idea why it doesn’t work.

I tested the RJ-45 line with an oscilloscope. I connected one terminal to the leftmost cable and another to the rightmost cable. Then, I selected Digital Output, RB-530, Accessory Connector, Lower lines, Left in their current state, AC1. Then, I clicked Test Now button, but the oscilloscope detected no change. I tried many other combinations and Generate a pulse, but results were same.
I read about “active low” logic on Web Site and understood that oscilloscope should usually indicate 5 voltages. However, it always indicates near 0 voltage.
What should I do?

Please, help me, and I really appreciate in advance for your swift reply.

It’s really odd that the Accessory Connector is not behaving as intended. Did you by any chance connect the RB-530 to your device before testing with an oscilloscope? Also, what does your device use? relays? transistors?

No, I didn’t connect any device to the RB-530, only RJ-45 line.
Then, I connected terminals of the oscilloscope to cables of the RJ-45 line.
I wonder why it always indicates 0 voltage, even though I don’t add any resistance.

My device is transistor, but it is just in the making. The technical shop said that it will fit the device for any signal.

Thank you in advance!

Try downloading the Xidon (pronounced Zydon) utility program to see the configuration of the Accessory Connector. It needs to be in General Purpose mode.

If it all looks alright, then perhaps I can send you our CTB-1 test board as a loaner. We have just two or three of these boards in house use, so I’ll need the board back. Just let me know. Another option is for you to send us the response pad back and I’ll look into it as soon as we receive it and send you a replacement if it’s damaged.

I’m sorry for being late to reply.
Thank you very much for your advice and kind offers.
Now, I avoid the problem by using Serial Output, not Digital Output
I’ll try downloading when I complete my business by using Serial Output.
I’ll report the result later.
See you again!