Help Running Experiment


I created three separate slide shows which contain 112 pictures each. When I try and open the experiment, the program sends me on a wild goose chase, asking me to “Please locat 55.bmp,pleaselocate 23.bmp, please locate 27.bmp…” and so on and so on, never allowing me to view the slide show and run my experiment.
What do I have to do to open adn run my experiment??

Thank you so much to anyone with some insight as to what I could do!

pictures and folders

I haven’t used version 4 much yet but in the older versions the program seemd to look for all the stimuli in the same folder as the experiment file. If it didn’t find a stimulus it asked the user to find it and it would subsequently look for all other stimuli in the same folder where the user had identified one.
Basically you had to haev all the pictures in the one folder and once the program was looking in the right folder it found everything and ran OK.

Brittany, are you using SuperLab version 2 or 4? From your description, it sounds like it’s version 1.7x for Mac or 2.x for Windows because version 4 does not ask you for each file one by one. Instead, when it cannot find the stimuli files, it lists them all at the same time and even lets you proceed to edit the experiment without locating them. The files are required only if you run the experiment.

Steve, just to clarify: version 2 did not require that all the stimuli files be in the same folder as the experiment file. But that’s where it looked if all else failed. Generally, we recommended that stimuli files be placed in the same folder if one was planning on moving or copying the experiment to other computers. It was simply the path (no pun intended!) of least resistance. Version 4 includes a “Create a Package” feature that stores everything and restores the paths when you decompress the file later on.