Help needed with outputting to BIOPAC system

Hi there,

I’m trying to get SuperLab 4.0 talking to my Biopac MP150. I have a PCI-DIO24 card, and on my Biopac system, I have STM100C, STP100C, UIM100C, 2 EOG100Cs, EMG100C and GSR100C. I have 2 questions:

  1. I’m getting an error message on starting up SuperLab: “in-dio24” is not a SuperLab plug-in… Some functionality may not be available." Any thoughts on why this may be?

  2. How do I know that a signal is being received from SuperLab to the MP150? Does the activity light register this - is there any way to test the communication between the two?

I’m no techie, so here’s anything relevant I can think of that I’ve done, or have noted:

  • connected the STP100C to the PCI-DIO24 card
  • installed InstaCal, and it tells me that my card is on Boad 0 (dev# 1)
  • ran the digital test, which it passes
  • ran the M.C. Support Pack from the floppy
  • checked to ensure that there was no other CBW32.DLL files other than in MCC folder
  • checked to ensure that a CB.CFG file was in the MCC folder and nowhere else, but in fact found NONE AT ALL (although there is a file called CB, which Explorer tells me is a MS Office Configuration - is this the right file, just being affiliated with the wrong program?)


  1. It looks like you have installed the SuperLab version 2 M.C. Support Pack into SuperLab 4. With SuperLab 4, you do not need to install the Measurement Computing Support Pack separately – it comes included. The file is called “in-Measurement Computing.dll”.

  2. It’s hard to tell. We have an in-house board called CTB-3 (Cedrus Test Board) that we have loaned on occasion to customers so that they can verify that the signal is actually leaving the I/O card. It’s a simple board with 8 LEDs and it helps isolate the problem, i.e. is it SuperLab not sending the signal, or is it the receiving end (in your case, Biopac) not detecting it? I’ll be happy to loan you a CTB-3 if you need one.

Many thanks for your reply Hisham.

I’ve now confirmed that SuperLab is indeed communicating with my external kit, so everything would seem to be fine (I think!).

I think you’re probably right about installing the version 2 support pack (I don’t have the floppy that I used to hand to check, but if v4.0 doesn’t require anything, then presumably that must have been it). Can I therefore safely ignore the warning message, or uninstall the support pack? If so, what do I uninstall?

The in-Measurement Computing.dll is indeed installed on my system.

Thanks again for your reply - much appreciated.

Removing in-dio24

You can probably remove the M.C. Support Pack for SuperLab 2 by using the Add/Remove Programs control panel. If that doesn’t work, simply open the folder where SuperLab is installed. Most likely it will be in C:\Program Files\SuperLab Pro. Within that folder, there is another folder called “Plug-ins”. Open it and manually remove the file “in-dio24.dll”.

Of course, as a last resort, you can safely ignore the warning! :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect - thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: