Help! Keyboard string input doesn't collect data

I’m having difficulties with the creation of a recall task where participants have 3 minutes to enter the words that they remember. The task appears to work in every way EXCEPT the data is not saved!!! How do I modify my program so that what the participant types in the textbox is actually saved in the data file??? Please help!

The task is under “Task 3 - Recall”

I am using SuperLab 4.0.2

Condition 2.sl4 (50.4 KB)

So… I can’t get this to work. Does SuperLab even have the capacity to save what the participant types in? Doesn’t look like it. What is the point of the keyboard-string input response when it doesn’t save the actual information that the participant types in the box???

E.g., I created a String Response named “any key”, when the participant types in words like hotile, loathe, hatred, etc. the program saves “any key” as data and not what they actually type into the box. I don’t understand how this can be useful to anyone.

Moreover, why does it say “SuperLab measures the reaction time of when the first key was pressed AND STORES EVERYTHING THAT THE PARTICIPANT TYPES” under ‘keyboard string-input’ in the ‘participant input’ window when it does no such thing?!


Try removing the time limit. It doesn’t work well with string input.

Sigh. I figured it out. Just in time for my participant yesterday. I had to unselect ‘insert newline character’ and select ‘participant has completed response’ under 'when participant presses enter…" Now it saves each word that the participant types in. I would think that ‘participant has completed response’ means that the participant is done responding to the entire task not typing in each word. Now the words disappear after enter is pressed. Not ideal, but I can live with that.

SuperLab frustrates me. I have zero trouble using MediaLab making questionnaires.

Thank you for posting a follow up on how you solved it.

I understand your frustration, but SuperLab was never intended to create questionnaires.

No problem. I hope it helps if anyone else uses the keyboard string input as a response from participants. :slight_smile:

(I’m not using SuperLab to make questionnaires. I am using SuperLab for the stimulus presentation part of the experiment and another program for the questionnaires. The other program gives me no trouble. :stuck_out_tongue: )