HELP : Getting Words/Images to appear on top of screen during randomised IAT trials?

Good Afternoon,

I have set up an implicit gender association test on SuperLab 4 over the last few days.
I am looking at their effects on evaluations of leadership in the Irish workforce.

Whilst I can get my core stimuli to appear, e.g. male names, female names, in randomised order as expected, I am having great difficulty getting the words Male and Female to appear constantly on the top right and left hand corners of the screen during my trials. I would like them to appear throughout the duration of the randomised trials.

I have attached an example.

Any advise, words of wisdom on what I might be doing wrong or could do to get this issue sorted would be most gratefully appreciated.

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I would like to know this as well!

There is an attached sample experiment that illustrates how to keep a stimulus on the screen throughout the entire experiment. Please note the following:

For the first stimulus event:

  • In the [B]Event Editor[/B], under [B]Settings[/B], there is a [B]Presentation Options[/B] tab
  • Check “Erase Screen before presenting stimulus” and “Keep stimulus invisible”
  • In the [B]Input[/B] tab within the [B]Event Editor[/B], check “Immediately after this event is presented"

For the second stimulus event:

  • Un-select the “Erase Screen before presenting stimulus” and “Keep stimulus invisible” boxes within [B]Participant Input[/B]

For remaining events:

  • Be sure to select “Erase Stimulus” at event end

Presenting stimulus throughout experiment.sl4 (6.58 KB)

I have tried your suggestions, sometimes it works when I run it through and sometimes it does not (the left category blinks each time the response is inputted when it does not work).
I have uploaded what I have so far.

MaleIAT.sl4 (11.6 KB)

flickering categories

Just an update, I have finished what I want to present to participants. But the categories are still consistently flickering (usually the right side). I have attached what I have, if anyone could help me figure out why this is happening I would greatly appreciate it!


MaleIAT.sl4 (40.5 KB)

Can you post your experiment as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab. I can’t run your experiment because the files are missing.

My apologies, here is the experiment package as requested (453 KB)

I have also followed the instructions above and nothing is appearing on a consistent basis.
The words are briefly flashing after I hit the correct key.

I have attached my files below for your information and review.
Thank you very much for your assistance on this.

Kind Regards,

FK trial.sl4 (14 KB)

Hi Monika,

Here is the full suite of blocks (7 in total) and trials attached.
Still have only male and female labels set on the first trial as per last attachment.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind Regards,

FK trial.sl4 (34.6 KB)

m.heimlick: Your experiment set-up is different from the sample I attached. The way you organized the events and trials are different, that is why it is not working the same. I have attached a modified version of your experiment where I only changed “Block 1a”. Here you will see for the first two events under the Input tab they now end “Immediately after the event is presented”. Also, for your last event, “Block 1 pictures” under Participant Input “Erase Stimulus” is checked. I turned off randomization for testing purposes. We usually don’t recommend randomizing both under the Trial level and the Block level. Most often randomization is used under the Block level.

fionak: Your problem was very similar, please see your experiment attached as well. I did change the order of the events and had to adjust the settings for “Block 1 - Stimulus” under Participant Options just like m.heillicks. The changes were only made on “Block 1”. I also turned of randomization for testing.

FK trialrevB.sl4 (34.5 KB)

MaleIATrevB.sl4 (41.1 KB)

Thank you very much, you have saved me a lot of frustrating hours!

Hi Monika,

Thank you so so much. Looks like I have it up and running for each of my 7 blocks now.

One final question, but I think this is a safari version comparability issue but I can’t edit the font size at all. When I click on the button it flashes up and disappears just as quickly. I take it there are no workaround a for this??

Thanks again for all your help.

Kind Regards,

The font issue was resolved with the latest release of SuperLab 4.5. You can download this version from the following link: