Help! Experiment crashed for no reason!

Hi Everyone,

Help, help, help! I have run 18 of my 30 participants with no problems at all - the experiment ran beautifully. I finished testing yesterday, and have just tried to run the experiment to check something and it has crashed! I haven’t changed anything, the only action on my laptop has been me closing it down for the night!

The problem is with the participant respond section - I have a part where they have to type in an answer and press return when they have finished. I am using the keyboard string input facility for this. Like I say, this was working perfectly yesterday, but now Superlab will not allow me to type anything - I’m pressing the keys but nothing is happening! This means ‘no response’ in my design and therefore the experiment will not move on when return is pressed. What has happened? How can it suddenly stop working when I have done nothing to it? Anyone got any suggestions? I have to run the other 12 participants on Monday! Help!


This is not logical for SuperLab to stop working out of nowhere. Can you post your experiment so I can run it myself? Please post as an Experiment Package so I have all the necessary files. In the meantime, have you tried restarting your computer? Also, maybe try running the autobackup copy of your experiment.