Having some difficulty replicating an experiment that masks audio with static.


I am trying to use the same methodology found in http://houdekpetr.cz/!data/papers/Brock%20Balloun%201967.pdf but I am unsure how I should proceed.

Essentially, the experiment had audio recordings playing and over them was a a layer of static. The participant could press a button to reduce the static. The only thing I could think of is to have several files: one audio file containing an excerpt of something uninterrupted and then several files of white noise or static that could be ‘reduced’ or diminished by pressing a key. The key press would end the one noise and go to the next.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

Yes, that should work. Set the main audio event to end with the block and set the shorter audio events (static) to end with the trials within. Then, have participant key presses end trials (and therefore static audio) by ending the remaining event(s).