having problems with setting response area

Hello again,

I only have used keyboard responses through out this whole time, so I am having a bit of trouble using ‘mouse clicking’ method. Thanks for your consideration.

I am trying to do a survey of ‘rating one’s own current emotions’ using likert scale.
I’d like to get responses from participants through mouse clicks.
I have set five responses in the ‘mouse or touch screen’ tab in participants input.

However, I am facing three problems.

First, I am not sure if I am doing it right but process of synchronizing the pictures boxes(boxes below each likert scale) with setting pixel position seems a bit frustrating. Can I do this without keep having to manually fix the pixel position? e.g. dragging with cursor and setting it?
& How can I see if the boxes and the response area are synchronized? the preview was not possible to click…

Second, Is there a way to make a notion that participant have clicked the box? so they actually know what they have clicked.
e.g. check marks appearing after the click ,or the edge of boxes get thicker?

Third, As far as I know, Setting response area only seem to work in square shapes. I am using arrow shape to move on to the next event. So the participants have to click the arrow sign to move on. can this be set delicately?

I appreciate it. Thanks!

likert scale.zip (34.3 KB)

Sorry about the delay.

  1. You do not have to manually set the position and sizes of responses if the area of interest is covered by the stimulus. When creating a response, select the second option: Automatically determined by the position of the visual stimulus. Then, go to the On-Screen Response Area tab in event settings and pair the stimulus with a specific response.

To check for synchronization, set a correct response for an event and only end the event when the response is correct.

  1. In event feedback, you can check the box next to a specific response to, say, present a checkmark upon clicking. This is another way you can test synchronization.

  2. For now, mouse responses will all be rectangles.