Go, No-Go

I am trying to create a go, no-go experiment. I have a series of 16 different shapes with 12 distractors and 4 targets. I want the participant to hit the spacebar when a target is presented and do nothing when a distractor is presented. Ultimately, I want to collect all the hits (times the spacebar was hit for a target shape), the misses (the times the participant did not hit spacebar for a target shape), and false alarms (the times the participant hits the spacebar for a distractor shape). So far I have been successful in getting SuperLab to record my hits and misses. No matter what I try I can’t get SuperLab to record my false alarms for my distractors. I have tried coding by type (distractor or target) and I have it set to record the times. For distractor responses I have my correct response set to “nothing, there is no correct response” since a correct response is do not hit anything. This is causing my data to read that no matter if the spacebar was hit for distractors it is saying that it is correct. How do I get SuperLab to make a “no response” is a correct response, and anything else is incorrect? Any help regarding my go, no-go experiment would be very appreciated.

Do you mean, “None, the participant must not respond,” when you say, “nothing, there is no correct response?” If so, can you post your experiment as an experiment package?

Yes, I put the correct response for my distractor shapes as “none, the participant mus not respond.” The experiment I have attached has only 2 blocks so far. One block consists of 1000ms and the other has at 800 ms.

test-DanielOct15.sl4 (26.2 KB)

I couldn’t run your experiment because I didn’t have the necessary files. However, by looking through the experiment it seems the problem may be in your Participant Input. Under the Options tab you have, Only if an event designates a single key response as correct selected. This option is used when experiments use both single-key input and string-input together. Since your experiment only uses single-key input, you do not need to select this option.