GIFS Play With Latency Between Each Event.. Help!

Hello, I am currently creating a multi-modal vigilance task and am having difficult with the visual section. Subjects will watch two lights alternatively blink (one gif) and when one light continues blinking (another gif), they are to respond on the response pad. Unfortunately, the gifs need to run smoothly or it gives away the changing signal. Is there anyway to change this? I have tried to use the images as picture files, but they don’t animate.

I am running the most current version on PC and have over 3 gigs of ram, so computer speed is not the issue. I have also tried on multiple computers.


Correct. The Picture event type won’t animate GIFs.

I haven’t tried animated GIFs, and as far as I’m aware, they won’t work, but if possible, it will only work in the Movie event type. If you convert them to MPEG or AVI, they should work.

Well the GIFS do animate, however there is a latency where it shows the background color between each one. Is there a way to avoid that latency when shifting between movies?