getting codes to show up in data file

We’re running a simple auditory perception file in which a single stimulus is played, two visual response prompts appear on the screen, and the participant pushes the button that corresponds to the response alternative they heard.

So events on a single trial consist of:

blank screen 750 ms no response collected
audio file no response collected, RT clock started
response prompt 1 no response collected
response prompt 2 response collected, the trial times out after 1500 ms and goes on to the next one.

The two response prompts appear after the audio file has finished playing.

The audio files are drawn from one of three stimulus lists, each with 17 members. Each of them is coded as to which list it’s drawn from and which member of that list it is. These codes are assigned to events/stimulus lists, not trials.

The problem is that codes don’t show up in the data file, although the columns for them do. What are we doing wrong?

getting codes to show up in data file

A little experimentation after my post revealed that codes show up when the stimulus they’re associated with is the one on which a response is collected. Is this necessary? For the current experiment, that doesn’t cause any difficulty, but it would for others we want to run.

Instead of having your event end Immediately after the event is presented, have it end on a time limit. I would try 1 ms.