Fonts problem

Hi. I’m using old v1.05. My problem is that it doesn’t support some Croatian font. Is there a workaround for that? I don’t have funds to do upgrade (or is it free?). Thanks

Hi Bernard,

Version 1.0.5 is really, really old. It does not support Croatian fonts. You’ll need to upgrade to version 4.0.x for Unicode support.

BTW, you can also upgrade to SuperLab 2.0.4 for free. It sill won’t support Croatian fonts, but at least it’s a 32-bit program whereas version 1.x is a 16-bit program written for Windows 3.1 (that’s how old 1.0.5 is!). You can find the download link on this page.


Yeah, I knew all that, but thanks anyway… I managed to get what I wanted to through .bmp file import instead of plain text. Thanks again…