Font in different colors

I am a beginner at SuperLab and I have a bit of a problem with the font color in my stimuli.

I want to do a version of the color flanking task, where the stimuli is the same word written three times on the screen and sometimes the three copies of the word should be the same color and sometimes they should be a different color. Each word should be visible for 500 ms but the interval between them should be random.
Quite simple I thought, but now I just can’t solve it.

As such:


If I write the words as a stimulus list it is very neat that SuperLab can show the words in a random order with a cue in between each word, but then it can only show one copy of the word at the time.

If I write each word as an event with text it shows three copies, but all must be the same color and I must have a fixed order of events to get a cue in between each word.

If I make images of each word in power point and then import it to SuperLab the letters get a lot of pixels and I must make each one an event (I think, or can I make lists of images?) and then I get the same problem as above.

Does anyone have a smart way of solving this?

I have attached a sample experiment that will help you get started. A Trial Variable for Font Color was used to randomize the colors. If you want to randomize the intervals of time between them, you can also use a Trial Variable.

Karlu_forum rev B.sl4 (4.84 KB)

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately I can not run the file, as there seems to be images missing?

I do not want the colors to be random, only the interval with which they are shown and I need to know afterwords which one was shown when so I know if the answer given by the test person was correct or not. Will I be able to see that in the data file?


Yes, SuperLab will let you know what file was presented and what the interval was between the stimulus. For the random interval duration, use a Trial Variable for ISI Duration.

Ok, good.

But I still can’t run it as it is looking for the files “Word1” and so on.


I apologize about the experiment. It should work now.

Karlu_forum rev B.sl4 (5.85 KB)