Font colour


I wondered if you could help. Im trying to design some sort of stroop test, where participants are presented with a list of coloured words and required to read aloud the colour of the print ink and ignore the text of each word, so I need the print ink colour and printed text to be mismatched.

Can you tell me how to change the font colour of the words in my stimulus lists, I need to use around 8 font colours if thats possible?

Thanks for your help.

Once you have created your stimulus lists, go to the Event Editor and choose “Text” for the Event Type. Below is where you would choose the stimulus list you would like to use for the particular event. Within this same Event Editor window click on the Settings, here you will see there is a tab for Text Color.

Thats great thankyou.

However, when I select the font colour to variable and run the experiment it just uses random colours. Is there any way I can select the font color to variable, and then select 5 colours for example.


Yes, you can do this by using a Trial Variable, which can be found within the Experiment menu. You would choose the Trial Variable option for Font Color. More information regarding Trial Variables can be found on page 24 in the SuperLab Manual.