Flicker change detection

I am trying to create a flicker change detection task.

I want to create a loop where if the subject does not respond by the 4th event, the trial starts over again, but if the participant does respond at any point during the trial, the trial exits and moves to the next one. Also, I would like to record the response time, but I do not know if it is possible to have the timer not reset when the trial begins the second time around, only at the first onset of each trial.

Once subject responds, I want superlab to move onto the next trial. I am having difficulties with the last event. It loops through to the beginning of the trial, but if the participant responds during this time, the trial does not end, it simply goes back to the beginning of the trial, although the trial will end if the subject responds at any other point during the trial.

If anyone has done flicker using superlab, or knows how to fix these problems, I would appreciate knowing how it’s done!

You can have SuperLab 4 loop if the subject does not respond by the 4th event by using the feedback feature. Have SuperLab restart the trial only if there is no response. If there is, it will continue to the next event within the trial. If you want it to skip any remaining events in the trial, add feedback for both when the participant is correct and when it is incorrect.

However, the RT timer will always reset.