fixation longer than designated time.

Hi Cedrus team.

I am conducting an experiment on how people would react to different directions when running tracks. However, I am having a difficulty with setting the fixation time.

Each trial consists of

fixation(900ms) -> entering track (3000 ms) -> ready fixation( 2000ms) -> making a turn (2000ms) -> fixation(100ms)

I have set a total of 1 second as a fixation time at the start of the trial(900ms) and at the end of the trial(100ms), that way the fixation time equals to 1 sec(between trials)

However, When actually running the experiment, it seems like the fixation time is presented more than 5 seconds. This appears the same when I set the fixation time to less than 50ms on both start of the trial and at the end of the trial.

I would like an advice on, Why, this delay is happening. Thanks in advance. (79.3 MB)

Can you be more clear about your expectations pertaining to time limits? e.g. event names in which times are different than you’d like.

Delay due to picture sizes

Arman delay was caused due to the high resolution pictures I used.

Thanks to BRnC, I solved the problem.