Finger tapping task

I’m Atsushi Matsuo.
I want to make the program of continuous finger tapping.
Use a ring finger from the index finger.
The button of the response pad(RB-730) is applied to each finger.
A subject pushes a button in the finger in order of the number that it was presented on the screen.
Push a button in order of the index finger, the ring finger, the little finger and the middle finger if for example it was presented with 2-4-5-3.

Tell me how to make such a program with SuperLab.
I am very much in trouble.

SuperLab can record the sequence of keys, however it has no way of determining if the sequence is correct. You will have to determine this when you look at the data file.

This is now possible with our new release of SuperLab 5. If you would like more information on doing this in version 5, please contact me via private message.