Finger sequencing timing task using RB30

Finger sequencing timing task using RB30 response pad

Hi Cedrus team,

I am working on a finger sequencing timing task using RB830 response pad.

To explain shortly, the participant will have to press six digits in sequences of 2-3-4-1-3-“1” using RB830.

The participants have to make sure to enter the last digit of the sequence , number “1” exactly after 3000ms from the

start of the input(That is the first input number “2”)

[By participants repeating finger sequencing and looking at their own timing feedbacks (e.g. TOO SLOW, TOO FAST by 209ms),

their performance will get closer to exactly pressing at 3000ms without a timer. ]

However the problem here rises regarding participant input. The screen has to end when all of the digits(whether right or wrong) are entered, but

with RBx30, the screen just moves on to the next one when only entered one digit. This did not happen with RB840, I have tried maneuvering participant input,

, feedback types, and correct response but it did not work.

I would like to know how I could solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

finger sequence timing task.sl5 (17 KB)