In my experiment, I would like to affich a feedback, not after each event, but after 100 events (e.g. “you have 80% of correct response”). Is it possible or not ? Thanks.

Yes, it is possible. First you will create a “Code” with two values, “Yes” and “No.” In the event that is recording the participants response, you need to create feedback, so that if the response is correct you can set the trials correct response to “Yes.”

In the block level, create a Macro. You will be selecting Trails Presented in This Block and Average reaction Time of in the “Expression Editor.” This will check the number of events (100) and the percentage of trials that have the correct response code set to “Yes.”

block feedback


I would also like to give accuracy feedback at the end of a block, but I’m still not sure how to do it after reading Monika’s reply. Any help would be appreciated. I attached the superlab script. Thanks.

NTshort_v4_response.sl4 (61.3 KB)

You can calculate the percentage of correct responses, but not display this information to the participant. Instead you can display a range based on the calculated average. For example, “You have answered more than 75% of trials accurately.” Does this work for you?

More info on feedback percent correct

Monika, that could work for my project. Could you elaborate on how to get the “more than 75% correct” to display to the participant?

In SuperLab 5 this is now much easier. This would involve using a Rule that looks at the percentage of trials presented in the block and presents an event accordingly. That event can be any message you want to show your participants.