Feedback (Treisman & Gelade Exp).????

Hi, I am working in a visual experiment search + reports.
The model is very quite to the demo of Treisman & Gelade (1980), which is available for download in your web site.
I am writing this note to ask how to program the Superlab. I need that each 4 correct answers appears a feedback (reward) and each 4 incorrect answers another feedback (punishment). I use Macros, but it didn’t work (work it only for negative response).
Thanks ! (345 KB)

BipolarJS11.sl4 (40.1 KB)

Treisman& (333 KB)

What version of SuperLab are you using? Please go to the Help menu, and choose About SuperLab 4.0.

Do you want to present negative feedback after four consecutively correct responses, how about for negative feedback? Is that after four consecutively negative answers, or is it anytime that you don’t have four consecutive positive answers?