Feedback to participant

Hi there,

I am having trouble figuring out how to give feedback to my participants during practice trials. Here is my experiment set up.

Present a mask for 750 ms
present face1 for 150 ms
present a mask for 500 ms
present face2 for 150 ms

The task is a same/different task, so I am coding my last event manually whether the trial is a same or different. My problem is that under the Input tab, I need to set a time limit for my stimulus of 150 ms, and I think I also need to check the box “After any response from participant.” But, the option for the time limit is “…or a time limit, whichever happens first.” I think this is my problem, because obviously 150 ms elapses before a response.

I have coded face2 as either same or different, depending upon the trial, and set that up under Correct Response. I have also created a text response event of correct or incorrect and linked that under Feedback.

thanks in advance for you help,


Hi, here’s the experiment if you’d like to have a look.

eyebrow trial3b.sl4 (102 KB)

Never mind, got it!