Feedback isn't working

Hi -
I’ve designed a Stroop task that closely adheres to the parameters of the children’s color-word Stroop. Because I wanted to be sure the stimuli were presented exactly as presented in the paper version, I did not use a simulus list or randomize the trials. Instead, I created a trial with many events, each of which should - ostensibly - provide feedback if the participant doesn’t touch the correct key in response to the stimulus. The trouble I’m having, however, is that several of the events don’t provide feedback - even though I set them up the same way as the ones that ARE giving feedback. I have gone back to ensure that the feedback rules are consistent…but still, when I run the test myself, I seem to be able to push any key sometimes and the stimulus will advance to the next event, even though it should actually present the same stimulus until I get it right.

Any suggestions?

I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that I copied the events and then changed the input and feedback parameters? Should this matter?

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide!

I don’t recommend using only one trial for all your events; it gives SuperLab less leeway to manage memory effectively. The copy and pasting should not have anything to do with the feedback not being presented.

I can’t say what it is unless I see your experiment. Do you mind posting it as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Here it is…

Hi Monika,
Thanks for your willingness to look at the experiment. I’ve been tinkering with it for weeks and it’s still not right.
I’ve attached it as a package.
I’ll very much look forward to your advice.
Michelle (8.37 KB)

When I tried running the experiment I could not get past the first trial. What was causing the problem was the macro, which had to be checked off in order for it to run. Can you try running your experiment without the macro and see if it helps with your problem?

Same problem persists…

Hi Monika,
The problem seems to rest in the color and color-word trials. I ran the experiment without the macro…but this didn’t sort it out. The stimulus should not change if the participant gives a wrong answer. Rather, the same stimulus should be re-presented until the participant gets it right. The response keys are “f” for red, “j” for green and “b” for blue. For instance, sometimes, I can press j on a blue stimulus, and the next stimulus will still appear or a “b” for green and it will still advance. I’m really not sure what’s causing this to happen.
Thanks for any additional insight you might be able to provlde.


I will contact you via private message regarding this matter.