Feedback for two pictures - same or different


I’m trying to make an experiment where the participants will see a picture and hear audio then they will see a blank screen and after that another picture with audio (audio will be randomly chosen from a list of 8 sounds). There will be two pictures present one after another, so there will be 4 possibilities for pictures AA, AB, BA,BB. Then participants choose “same” or “different” and the feedback should be provided base on the pictures (ignoring audio)

For example: aa - same, ab- different

Is this possible in SuperLab?

I’ve already got it but if somebody is strugling with similar thing:
first you present both pictures (in my case two audios and two pictures), then you ask the question and provide feedback to that (I was stuck cause I choose both feedback as a part of an event which I should not do)

As for presenting audio and picture at the same time sometimes it works better with audio first (like in manual), sometimes with picture first (like somebody wrote in this forum)