feedback for timing out


In my experiment, I have a trial that basically has two events–one is a decision (choose A or B) and the second event is a confidence rating based on how you feel about your choice of A or B. Now, they have 15 seconds to make their choice of A or B…after that, I send it to a “you have timed out” event (what I call the Too Slow event)…which I have linked as feedback to each individual event (both initial decision and the confidence rating—you have 15 seconds to do each thing).

If you don’t make your initial choice in time–well, the rating is irrelevant–so I thought I could put into the Too Slow event something that basically does: if you get to this event–skip the rest of the events in the trial.

This is what I have:

Too Slow event
under Feedback:
Provide feedback if: always at the end of the event
What to do: skip remaining events and present next trial

also at the bottom, I have
If the event has a time limit (which is does–I present it for 1000ms):
Provide Feedback: After the event’s time limit is up

What happens, though–if the initial choice event times out, it STILL gives me the rating event in the same trial. (it doesn’t skip it)

Also, to note–the rating event is ONE EVENT that I link to every single trial. That file is the exact same, so I just made it one event, and link it to each trial.

So…what am I doing wrong??

Should I have a Too Slow event as part of each individual trial? (Right now it is not linked to anything from the TRIAL column) It is just an event that I put at the bottom of the event column, and am using as feedback only.

Any ideas??

I thought that I helped a person over the phone with a very similar question. Was that you? It’s really impossible to help with such a question without seeing the experiment.

If your design problem is still not resolved, please post the experiment or call me and I’ll be happy to help.