Feedback for an auditory stimuli

sorry if this has been already covered, but I haven’t found any solution yet.

My experiment measures RT to auditory stimuli with the RB-730 pad. Here is a trial :

  • A text presents the instruction, the duration randomly varies from 3 to 4 sec
  • A sound is played chosen from an audio stimuli list
  • The participant press a button as soon as he/she recognises it (but the sound does not stop, it is played entirely)
  • When the sound stops, 4 text events are presented sequentially with 4 different questions about the sound

This trial is repeated as many times as the number of sounds in the stimuli list.

My problem is: I’d like a feedback that tells the participants his/her pressing has been taken into account. When I add a feedback to the audio stimuli (e.g., a txt event that tells OK lasting 1 sec), it is played at the end of the sound, not when the button is pressed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !



ps : attached is a simplified version of the experiment, with only the practice block.
ps2: I’m running SL 4.0.7b on Mac OS X 10.5.8 (1.24 MB)

This issue has not been brought to our attention before. It looks like a bug that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for when this issue will be fixed.