Extra mouse click required when event is repeated

I’m running SuperLab Pro 4.0.7b with Windows XP, and have the following problem I can’t resolve. It’s small, but affects the efficiency of every trial in a rather large experiment.

Each trial begins with a sequence of audio stimuli (several audio and pic events), followed by a pause (a pic event). The pause forces the participant to click one of two buttons: “Repeat” or “Answer”. If the “Repeat” button is clicked (i.e. the Correct answer), the trial repeats itself. If the “Answer” button is clicked, the trial proceeds to the next event, which gives the participant multiple response options. (I know this is a bit convoluted, but the only way I could think of to implement the “Repeat” option).

My problem is this:
Upon the first run of a trial, when the “Repeat”/“Answer” choices are presented, a mouse click sends the participant on his or her way (either to repeat the trial or continue). If the “Repeat” button is clicked, the trial starts over, and the “Repeat”/“Answer” choices are eventually arrived at once again. However, it now takes two mouse clicks to register a response, with the second mouse click accepted by the event as a legitimate response.

I’ve examined all of the events in the trial, and can find no obvious explanation for this. Why would there be any difference between the first and second (subsequent) iteration of the “Repeat/Answer” event in this trial? (btw, it takes as input “any response”, but a correct answer is assigned in order to direct feedback)

Thanks in advance for any help…

This is indeed a little puzzling. Have you tried changing the options in the Participant Input dialog? In particular, try the Wait until the key is released option and let me know if it helps.

I hadn’t looked at that and it fixed the problem…thanks much!