External trigger response

Dear all,

I am trying to set up an experiment using an external trigger response to record EEG response when watching a clock on SuperLab. Does anyone know if this possible?

Thank you


Do you want to send an event marker? What type of equipment are you using to record the EEG response?

We are looking at readiness potentials so the idea is to show the participants a clock and then when they feel like clicking a button they do so. We want that ti tie in with the EEG to test when their brain activated that response.

Thank you for your reply, any ideas?


Assuming you are using a moving clock, I would suggest using a movie clip showing the clock and have SuperLab record the response. Do you have hardware to interface the computer to the EEG device?

Do you know of any software. We are using a moving clock, thank you, but we were wondering if SuperLab has the ability to register a response and then pass that onto an EEG system.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this type of software. You can register a response and pass it to the EEG system by using either StimTracker or an I/O card and the Feedback tab at the Event level.