Extension of feedback mechanism

I was recently playing around with the feedback mechanism, whereby one of the possibilities is for a new event to be presented as part of the feedback. Evidently, the event called as feedback could do all the things that any other event could do, including getting a response and, most importantly, presenting its own feedback. Therefore, you can have a chain of events, each with stimuli and response, each subsequent event being produced as feedback from the preceding event.

It seems to me that this could be very useful, if extended slightly so there was some way to have different feedbacks as a function of different conditions. That is, one branch of feedback for a correct response, one branch for an incorrect response, one branch for a timeout. In my view, this capability would be valuable in its own right, but if it existed, then you could, in effect, create the equivalent of a small finite state machine for a trial based on a set of events connected to each other by feedback rules.

What I mean is that a trial would begin always with a certain event, but then, depending on the subject’s reponses or lack thereof, the remainder of the trial could go in an unlimited number of different directions for an unlimited amount of time, transitioning from state/event to state/event depending on what the subject did.

Similar state machines could be initiated using macros at the block level, by causing an event with feedback to be presented.


Greg Shenaut

The last time I checked, events presented via feedback don’t use feedback. I have been told that it was explicitly disabled due to the potential of, well, feedback loops.

Well, sometimes

feedback loops could be useful. So, it’s explicitly disabled? Too bad.

Greg Shenaut

hi greg. what you describe is exactly what i need superlab to do for me. have you actually been able to come up with a way to do that or were you just speculating its validity. i’ve been trying for weeks and i havent come up with a way to add new events depending on the feedback.

I would love this too, so that a different screen was displayed depending on whether the response to each event was correct or not. I think it would be possible using macros on the new version, but then I can’t randomize my blocks or trials within them (as I understand it?)… It’s really necessary for approach/avoid tasks.

I would also like to use a feeback loop. Anyone have any success with this?