Experiments with two participants

I am running an EEG experiment with a RB-530 and a USB-6501 (National Instruments). I am planning an experiment for the interaction of two participants. Is it possible to present visual stimuli depending on the responses of the two participants and to record their responses separately? Thank you in advance.

Do you mean to have a separate data file for the two participants within the same experiment? If this is the case, this is not possible within SuperLab.

Experiments with two participants (again)

Dear Monika,

Let me ask another question concerning the experiment with two participants. I have understood that it is impossible to make a separate data file for two participants. Then, can we record the responses of two participants in one data file with two response boxes manipulated by them respectively? Thank you in advance again.

You can use two response pads at a time, but one of them needs to be configured to emulate one of our “RB Series Earlier Model Pad”. Then, within Participant Input you would select “RB-x30 Series Response Pads” and “RB Series Earlier Model Pad” as input.