Events instantly disappear without participants input when using Lumina 3D

I am trying to make an experiment using the lumina 3D kontroller.

When I try the experiment set for keybord everything works fine, but when I try the experiment in the MR with the experiment set for lumina 3D pad, some om the events are only shown for a fraction of a second, to then move on to the next one. I have set no rules for the trials to function this way, and the prompts for the input are set to only move to the next event after a participants response. Any idea of what may be wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated!


The scannertrigger is probably detected as a standard response button. You need to select the respons buttons as Active Buttons and the correct value for the scannertrigger in fMRI Mode Trigger in the Port Panel as response button event. In ASCII mode, the responses are A, B, C en D and the scannertrigger is T.
See Selecting Buttons and Port Panel

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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunatly I may not have specified that the experiment is made in Superlab 6. Hence I don’t think your tips will help. Sorry for not expressing myself more clearly.

Hello Ivar, this would be faster handled via a zoom meeting. I’ll contact you by email.