Event Window


I would like to edit an ‘event’ but when I try to do it, the event window becomes bigger than the size of the screen (e.g., the rectangular shaped box/window goes further down and I cannot press on the ‘OK’ button to confirm my change at the bottom right or make the window smaller (using a Mac).
Can anyone help?

We are aware of this issue and working on fixing it for a future release. The large window should only appear the first time you view the event.

The steps below will help you navigate through and stop the large window.

1. Open the Event Editor.

2. The window will most likely be very large.

3. Press either the [B]Enter[/B]/[B]Return[/B] key or the [B]Escape[/B] key.

     4. Reopen the Event Editor. It should now be the normal size.


I tried to do it but what happen is that:

  1. I hope then event editor and the window is normal sized

  2. I click on enter

  3. I re-open and it’s normal size

  4. I select one of the options (wait for audio to finish playing).

  5. Once selected the window becomes larger size again and so i am not able to modify my event.

Any other way to help?


sorry, I have just solved it. When the window becomes bigger I select my option and then press ‘Enter’