Event Markers

For your information, our lab has Superlab, Stimtracker and Biopac. We have problem setting up the markers. Superlab can communicate with the Stimtracker (http://cedrus.com/support/stimtracke...superlab.htm); however, we can only see the blue light on at the very beginning of the experiment. How can we setup markers for following events? We currently have a stimulus and a pulse for every event and the pulse is set to produce digital output to the Stimtracker. For those lines, do we assign different pulse to different lines (E0, E1, or E2) or can we put E0 for all pulses?

As for biopac, is it that we only have to follow the instructions to set up the channels (http://cedrus.com/support/stimtracke...ac_stp100c.htm) and the markers will be present in our data without further setup? We currently don’t see a single marker in Acknowledge.

vili.sl5 (11.2 KB)

Is your experiment playing all three videos? You should see one pulse per video played. If it is playing more videos than generating pulses, then please post the entire experiment so that I can take a look at it. You can do so by choosing Create an Experiment Package from the File menu in SuperLab.

As for Biopac, the instructions that you linked to should be sufficient. If you are not seeing anything in Acknowledge, you need to contact Biopac for tech support. But I would recommend that you wait first until you are seeing a matching number of videos and output pulses.