Event Markers do not repeat


I’ve run into some trouble sending event markers, if anyone is able to provide help with this. This is after upgrading to Windows 11 and SuperLab 6.

A) From the Event Markers dropdown menu, if I set Line 1 to send a digital output for Pictures (and nothing else), this will only occur for the first picture that is presented. My expectation is for an event marker to be sent for each of the 3 picture events in the trial.

Similarly, in a new experiment if I create unique Digital Output events queued before each picture, only the first is detected.

Lab setup:
2 PCs running Windows 11. The SuperLab 6 PC is connected to a Biopac MP150 system. This is via a USB TTL Module from BlackBoxToolkit in order to convert the serial output (COM3) to parallel. Data is collected on the second PC with AcqKnowledge v5.

B) A secondary, less important issue to note: regardless of which Line the digital output is sent on, it will always be detected on the same digital channel in AcqKnowledge. Sometimes 3 channels at once.

Is there an explicit hardware limitation I’m not aware of, or software option I am missing?
Thank you in advance!

SuperLab does not (and never had) support for BlackBoxToolkit products. You would need to be using a c-pod, Riponda + m-pod, or StimTracker.

This connection diagram helps illustrate the difference between the three options.

This is good to know, thank you.

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