Errors during RB740 setup in Presentation

I’m trying to setup a response pad in Presentation without success following the instructions here Using RB-x40 Response Pads with Presentation

The device and the USB drivers should be ok as confirmed using Psychtoolbox on Ubuntu and Xidon2

When registering the extension, I get an error (also when running Presentation as Admin), see Screenshot left

OK, uncheck “Don’t register server with Windows” as per the instructions, see Screenshot middle

After right-click → enumerating devices in Presentation, I get Screenshot right (had to combine Screenshots because Forum software does only allow one upload for first posts).

Any help / pointers would be appreciated.

We have seen this Class id: (AF16F32C-DC86-4877-B236-422F750978A2} error happen before. Try installing the Microsoft redistributable files:

Please let me know either way whether this resolves it.

This did the trick! Thanks a lot for your quick response.

Hi Hisham, this suggestion didn’t work for me. Can you suggest anything else please? Brand new RB-844/RB-540 just not registering with Presentation. I’ve tried everything suggested from Cedrus support, but still no joy re-enumerating the devices. Devices are fine as tested wtih Xdion 2.

Unable to create response device extension CedXid:
An attempt was made to create a COM object for a class that is not registered:
Interface ID: {7F2C1D70-B69A-4488-817E-17140910773B}
Class id: {AF16F32C-DC86-4877-B236-422F750978A2}

Windows 10 Pro 64bit/i7/16GB RAM/
Presentation: v23 Build: 10.27.21
Cedrus: RB 844 and RB 540

Any help would be very welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what else to suggest, honestly. Have you contacted NBS for support? I would be happy to have a 3-way screen sharing via Zoom to help resolve it.

Hi Hisham, I got it working now. I installed older versions of Presentation incrementally (backwards, uninstalling as I went), testing the extension each install and on v18 it worked. I then re-installed the latest version v23 Build 10.27.21 and removed the extension added in v18 and re-added it and it worked a treat. I hope this solution is helpful for others.
All the best,

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Thank you sharing your solution. I wish we could make it simpler…