Errors during RB740 setup in Presentation

I’m trying to setup a response pad in Presentation without success following the instructions here Using RB-x40 Response Pads with Presentation

The device and the USB drivers should be ok as confirmed using Psychtoolbox on Ubuntu and Xidon2

When registering the extension, I get an error (also when running Presentation as Admin), see Screenshot left

OK, uncheck “Don’t register server with Windows” as per the instructions, see Screenshot middle

After right-click → enumerating devices in Presentation, I get Screenshot right (had to combine Screenshots because Forum software does only allow one upload for first posts).

Any help / pointers would be appreciated.

We have seen this Class id: (AF16F32C-DC86-4877-B236-422F750978A2} error happen before. Try installing the Microsoft redistributable files:

Please let me know either way whether this resolves it.

This did the trick! Thanks a lot for your quick response.