Error when using rules and parameters

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone received the following error messages when running experiments that contain rules and parameters?

“Unable to open port (No serial ports found) (not found).” This appears as soon as the experiment starts and when you click “OK” the following message appears.

“SuperLab was unable to initialize the serial port for the Serial Output event.”

I have checked my selections for inputs and outputs and everything looks good. Interestingly, when I attempt to run another experiment that a colleague sent which also contains rules and parameters, their experiment runs without any difficulties.

I appreciate any help you can provide.


The error is not due to parameters. Rather, you most likely have an event of type Serial Output but that does not have the serial port set.

To fix, double-click on the event of type Serial Output. Then, in the Stimulus tab, click on the Setup… button. A sub-dialog will appear, like this one:

Select the correct port and make sure that the baud rate matches that of the device that you are communicating with.