Error during events

Hi there,

I am doing an experiment that consists on a black arrow that precedes a goal stimulus (the arrow change its color). If the color is green and the arrow points at the same direction, the participant has to press the bottom (go). In the opposite case, if the arrow is blue or the arrow direction is the contrary, the participant has to avoid pressing (no-go).

The problem comes when the participant answers correctly. In the next event, the program shows the black arrow but it is not followed by a goal stimulus. By the contrary, it shows the feedback “error”. It is like a program failure.

I have tried to change the rules in order to solve this error. Nevertheless, it still happens the same.

I would like to receive some help because I am stick at this point.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Jesús, it would be difficult to tell what the issue is from just the description. I’ll send you an email.