Error codes


One of my students would like participants to give any response but would like the error code to show whether its correct or not. Is that possible? Please find the experiment attached
Thank you
Natalie (13.2 MB)

Yes, it’s possible. The main thing is to define the correct response in the Event Editor. In looking at your experiment, this is already setup correctly. Is the response not coded correctly in the “Error Code” column in the data file? can you post a sample data file?

Hello Hirsham,

No it is coming up as E for ever answer in the data file?

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I looked at the experiment again. I think the problem is because you have defined your responses as upper case “A” and “B”. I’m guessing that you are running the experiment without enabling Caps Lock or that the participants are not holding down the Shift key while pressing “a” or “b”.

The easiest fix is to choose Participant Input from the Experiment menu and edit the two responses to use lower case “a” and “b”.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Anytime. :slight_smile: