Entering answer into text field: This used to work

In a previous program I set up, I made an input string field that moved on to the next event when a participant pressed return. When return was pressed, it also recorded the string that was entered by the participant into the text box. Now I am very frustrated.

When I enter text into essentially the exact same box, but in a different program that I have set up, it records what is in the box (as I can see from the data recorded), but does not move on to the next event. Instead it just clears the box. If, however, I do not enter anything into the box, and then press enter, the program moves on to the next event.

I cannot figure out what to do or what I am doing differently, except that SuperLab has since been updated. The program that I made before still works as intended though. It is just the program I am making now that doesn’t work. I hope that someone can help.


I found a work around for my woes.


For anyone else running into this issue, here’s my quick advice:

SuperLab 4.0.6 adds an “open-ended” response capability to string input, where any response from the participant will be treated as a correct response, so you can specifically require a string input response.

For 4.0.5 and older, you will need to configure string input as the correct response, but configure your event to end and move on after any response from the participant.

the 4.05 and older suggestion is what I ended up doing.