Enhancing text -

I am new to Superlab, only now playing with the trial version to see if I can use this program in my line of research. I work with adult language acquisition (second language acquisition).

I am developing materials in which the participants will view a paragraph of text but some of the words will be of a different font size and font color than the rest of the text. My question is -

  1. Is this possible? Can I create a text passage of about 120 words and place in bold and change the font size and color to about 6 words?

  2. If so, could someone please make a quick write up for me on how to do this?

Thanks, looking forward to future interactions.

Sorry, it’s not possible in version 4.

It is possible (sorry Hisham), but not as a text event. You would need to create a picture (e.g. gif file) of the text you wish to display and then present that as a picture event instead of a text event.

Create the text as you want it to appear in another program and then take a screenshot. On the Mac, this is done by pressing shift-command-4. Then you create a rectangle on the screen around the area you wish to capture. A file will be created on your desktop. On Windows, I think it’s the Print Screen button (F13), but I don’t know the details off the top of my head.