Ending Experiment

One other problem I am having with this version of SuperLab (4.0.5) is that the experiment doesn’t end when I press escape. Is there another way to end the experiment besdes through the Task Manager? BZ

Escape should work unless the program has crashed. Are you on a Mac or Windows?

ending experiment

I am on a Windows. I believe I had tried to escape prior to the program freezing but I will try it again Monday when I am back in my lab.

Yes, escape works provided I try it prior to the program freezing. Now if I can just get this freezing issue sorted out…

If Escape is working, then SuperLab has not crashed. It’s still working and looking for input, but it’s not getting what it’s expecting, e.g. an event that is supposed to end on only the correct response but never seeing a correct response.


Escape only works prior to the program freezing. Once the program freezes (during presentation of the audio files), escape will no longer work. I have to use Ctrl, Alt, Del.

If the audio file is still playing, SuperLab has also not frozen. It may be, though, that SuperLab isn’t looking for the escape key if the audio file is being played synchronously.